Adding a Dashboard to the Dashboards Folder

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The Dashboards folder is a centralized location to create and store dashboards.

A dashboard is a portal page that displays and organizes complex data so that it is easy to analyze. Dashboards use reports, charts and other components to allow users to quickly and easily interpret information.

Customize a dashboard by basing its components on reports related to almost any entity. A bar chart or pie chart can provide the user with a tool for quick analysis. A Report Viewer component can display any report. An Entity Scroller component tracks changes to the data in a report you select.

Portal pages created in the System > Dashboards folder are treated differently than portal pages created in project folders (by clicking the Create Page/Dashboard button.) Portal pages created in the Dashboards folder are treated as views. A user accesses a view by clicking a link below the address bar. Portal pages do not have this navigation option.

The system updates the data on a dashboard when the user opens the page containing the dashboard. While viewing a dashboard, a user can refresh the portal to view updates to the data. 

Build a dashboard in the Page Designer by adding components from the Toolbox and by setting the dashboard component’s properties in the Properties panel.


Typically, a dashboard contains multiple components, such as graphs, charts, and reports.



In the example, we will create a simple dashboard with a button to run the All Non Complete Assignments report and a report viewer to display it. 



To begin, navigate to the folder System > Designers > Catalog > CommunicationDashboards. To create a dashboard, select the Create Page/Dashboard button.


Give this page a name and under the heading Create From select a10x10 grid layout, and click OK.



In the Page Designer, add two components to the dashboard, a button that a user can click to run the All Non Complete Assignments report, and a report viewer to display the report.

From the Toolbox panel, under the category Reports > [Existing Reports] > [Parent Folder] > Shared Designer Elements > System Defaults > Assignments > Report: All Non Complete Assignments, we select a Run Report as button component and drag it to the workspace.



We resize the button by clicking an arrow and dragging it.



Next select a Report Viewer component from the Toolbox panel, under the category Reports and drag it to the workspace and resize the component by clicking the arrows.



The dashboard is complete, save the page and close the Page Designer.

To view the new dashboard, select the View > Preview Page option from the Thumbnail Actions menu.




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