Adding a Compact Tags Viewer to a Page

Last Updated: 08/16/2016 Introduced in Verision: 2.0

The compact tags viewer displays and manages the tags associated with a page. Using the compact tags viewer, a user can view a page’s tags, and add new or existing tags to a page.

To add a compact tags viewer to a page, in the Page Designer, drag a Compact Tags View component to the workspace.



In the example, we will:

  1. Edit a page that has a scratch pad by adding a compact tags viewer to it.
  2. View the page and enter a new tag for the page.
To begin navigate to a Designer folder, select a portal page thumbnail, and clicking the Edit link.
In the Page Designer, in the Toolbox panel, under the category Basic > Current Folder, select a Compact Tags View component and drag it to the workspace.

Save the page and close the Page Designer.

To view the compact tags viewer, select the portal page thumbnail, click its Action menu, and select View > Preview Page.



The page with the scratch pad and compact tags viewer displays. To add a tag, enter text and press the Enter key.

Because the tag we entered is one that does not already exist in the system, a confirmation message displays. Select Yes.


The tag is added to the page.

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