Accessing a Folder Using a URL

Last Updated: 12/03/2015 Introduced in Verision: 2.0
To directly access a folder through its URL, retrieve the folder’s URL and then use the URL to access the folder through a browser.
Note: This method is not available in Decisions 3.2 version. Video shows how to get URL for the Folder using Manage > Integration > View Integration Details option.

You can retrieve the URL for the folder My Designer Projects and then access the folder through a browser.

To begin, select the folder and click the arrow directly to the right of the folder’s name. Select Manage > Get Folder Url

get folder url


In the Folder Link pop-up, copy the URL in the Link field, then click OK to close the pop-up.

copy link


Open a browser and paste the URL in the address bar. The Login screen displays. Enter the username and password to log in, then click the Login button. Note that the user has to have permission granted to the folder being accessed, otherwise a permission denied message will appear.



The portal opens with the folder highlighted in the Folders tree.



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